Calvary Baptist Academy

Tuition & Fees

Tuition at Calvary Baptist Academy



PreSchool is a full 5 day a week learning environment that is designed to prepare a child for grade school.



Academy is Kindergarten through 12th grade. It is a full 5 day a week learning environment designed to equip children to thrive in every stage of life. 



An alternative to in-person school that adds-on a social interaction that comes with an in-person environment. Learn and socialize with like-minded students.

We commend you for seeking Christian education for your children. We, as you do, desire to be good stewards of God’s finances. Our mission is to serve Christian parents and their children by providing a high quality, yet affordable, Biblically-based educational program marked by academic excellence, spiritual discipline, and a Godly testimony. This schedule of tuition and fees has been carefully developed to enable the school’s mission to continue.

Tuition Payment Plan

In order to help our families, CBA does offer a payment plan that allows the yearly tuition to be split up into 10 or 12 payments.  The first payment is due August 1 (or upon enrollment it enrolled after August 1), and the final payment is due May 1.

Smart Tuition

A Smart Tuition account will be set up for you where you can view and pay all tuition and fees. Monthly payments are processed by electronic funds transfer through the Smart Tuition Management portal. The initial set-up fee for this service is included in the Registration fee and will be automatically processed through electronic transfer. 

Tuition Discounts and Financial Aid

More details are available on the page titled ‘Policies & Financial Aid.

Fees (2023-2024)

Non-refundable Application Fee  –  $300

Book Fee-  $350 per student for grades K-12th (due by July 1 or upon enrollment) ($90 rush fee is added if enrolled after August 1)