Calvary Baptist Academy

Policies & Financial Aid

Multiple Student Discount

Calvary Baptist Academy provides multiple student discounts for families with more than one child simultaneously enrolled in the school.  The discount is 10% for the second child, 20% for the third, and 10% for each additional child.

Financial Responsibility

Once the registration fees have been signed and a seat has been reserved, the family is expected to attend the entire school year.  If you think you might need to withdraw your child for financial reasons, please contact the Office as soon as possible to make arrangements.  Records will not be forwarded to another school until all financial obligations have been satisfied.

Missed Payments

All payments are to be made through Smart Tuition online portal by the 10th of every month.   A $25 fee will be incurred for any late payments. 

Families whose accounts have unpaid balances over 10 days will be required to meet with the school to explain circumstances.  The school will determine if the child will continue to attend.   Families whose accounts have unpaid balances over 30 days could be suspended from attending classes until a satisfactory payment plan has been arranged.  Accounts must be current for a student to be eligible for re-enrollment.

Support our Military Families

For those families that have one parent who is an active-duty service member and is deployed overseas to Iraq or Afghanistan, CBA offers a Full (Free) Tuition Scholarship to the first child enrolled. Any additional children would fall under the Multiple Student Discount (see above). We understand the pressures put upon families with a deployed family member, and that is why Calvary Baptist Academy announced the “Support The Troops Initiative” in 2009. This scholarship provides substantial savings to our military men and women and is a small way that we can say ‘thank you’ for their service to our country! Calvary Baptist Academy’s Abeka curriculum lends itself to continued Abeka curriculum use as these families are deployed to various locations in the USA or overseas.

This full (free) tuition scholarship is limited to one per family and can only be received by completing the application and qualification process. It is per semester and must be applied for each semester. Due to space and staff limitation, these offerings are on a first-come, first-serve basis. Books, registration, uniforms, etc are not covered by this program. Please contact Calvary Baptist Academy at 830-629-0049 for details and availability.