Calvary Baptist Academy

Enrichment Classes

K-12 Program

Calvary Baptist Academy offers a full time program for kindergarten through 12th grade using the Abeka program.

Enrichment Classes

Calvary Baptist Academy is proud to offer enrichment classes for our students. These are year-long classes that meet once a week. Enrichment classes offered in 2020 include the following:

Visual Arts (1st – 4th Grade)

This is an introduction to art class where students will learn the basic elements of art – line, shape, color, value, texture, form, and space. Their art projects will reinforce the art element being taught and will result in a portfolio at the end of the school year. The objective is to foster a love for the arts and provide a foundation on which the students can build each year.

Art History (5th – 8th Grade)

In Art History, students will study art and artists from creation to contemporary times. They will have the opportunity to practice different styles and techniques of art as well. The basic elements of art will also be reviewed. The objective is to continue to build on their foundation of art skills and foster a love for the arts.

Elementary Spanish (1st – 4th Grade)

In Elementary Spanish, students will learn introductory Spanish vocabulary, such as numbers, colors, the Spanish alphabet, greetings, and other every-day words and phrases. We use Sing School Spanish which includes lots of songs and activities to help make learning Spanish fun! The objective is to provide the students with a solid foundation in every-day Spanish vocabulary.

Middle School Spanish (5th-8th Grade)

In Middle School Spanish, students will continue to expand their vocabulary, speaking phrases, and become more conversational. They will also memorize Bible verses in Spanish. The objective is to build on the foundation they received through the Elementary Spanish course. Elementary Spanish is not a prerequisite to this course as basic principals will be reviewed.

Chorus (Fall Semester) (1st-4th Grade)

Chorus provides an opportunity for the students to gain experience and confidence singing in a group setting, as well as performing in front of an audience. For the 2021 fall semester, the students will be working on a simple Thanksgiving program that they will perform in front of an audience in November. The objective is to provide students with opportunities to sing and gain confidence in singing and speaking in public.

Elementary Life Skills (Spring Semester) (1st-4th Grade)

Our Elementary Life Skills classes are a ton of fun and expose students to various learning opportunities. Some life skills taught include outdoor/survival skills, engineering and robotics with LEGO building bricks, woodworking, and others. The objective is to provide students with plenty of opportunities to realize their talents and passions in life, and to provide them with skills that will serve them a lifetime.

Study Skills (5th-12th Grade)

In study skills, students are taught basic organizational skills, note-taking skills, goal-setting, and time-management, with an emphasis on preparing for and taking tests. The objective is to provide students with the skills they need to be successful in school and in every-day life.

Physical Education (1st – 12th Grade)

In PE, students will learn basic skills and rules of team sports such as volleyball, soccer, and basketball. Stretching and calisthenics will also be emphasized, and students will be encouraged to choose a healthy lifestyle by staying active and making healthy decisions daily. The objective is to provide an opportunity for students to learn various team sports in a fun environment, as well as foster a desire for a healthy, active lifestyle.